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how does it work?

All of Milk Nursingwear's styles feature hidden nursing openings to enable you to breastfeed discreetly and pump conveniently wherever you go. From the outside no one can tell that these are not "regular" chic fashions!
We have four types of nursing openings:
1. Lift up nursing access     2. Pull down nursing access     3. Move aside nursing access     4. Side nursing access

lift up nursing top   pull down nursing access   pull aside nursing top   side nursing access
Here are some videos to show you how our nursing openings work: 
(Note: This first video shows the nursing opening function at :53).

What is Milk Nursingwear, and why do I need it?
When you breastfeed in a regular top, you have to lift your shirt above your breast to nurse. This inevitably exposes your stomach, sides, back and breasts. Nursing in a regular dress is even more difficult because you have to lift the dress up over your breast (or wear a dress with buttons and open it at the top).
Many women are not comfortable nursing in public or in front of others because it is hard to do so without exposing a lot of their skin. Some moms feel uncomfortable with the attention that this will draw and the reactions they will get.
Milk Nursingwear enables you to nurse discreetly, without showing any skin or needing to wrestle with your clothes.
All of Milk Nursingwear's styles feature hidden openings, so you can latch your nursling on discreetly and easily, and feed her while remaining totally covered! This helps you relax while feeding, which helps your milk flow more easily, which in turn makes your nursling very happy. This enables you to feel comfortable and confident going out and about with your nursling, and feeding her wherever you are.
Because Milk Nursingwear's styles look like regular fashionable clothing from the outside, and no one else will be able to tell that you are wearing nursingwear, you can enjoy wearing your Milk Nursingwear long after your nursing days are through. With all the money you are saving on formula, it is worth it to invest in clothing that will make your nursing experience so much easier and more enjoyable.
If you are pumping, the benefit of nursing clothing is that you do not have to lift up and wrinkle your clothing, or stretch it out over the horns of the pump. You simply slip them thru the nursing openings and you are covered, just as you would be if baby was nursing.
How do Milk Nursingwear's nursing openings work?
We have three different types of nursing openings:

1. Lift up nursing access: Simply lift up the empire layer and push down the inner layer to access the breast

2. Pull down nursing access: Pull down on the cowl neckline and then lift up the inner nursing panel to access the breast.

3. Move aside nursing access: Move the front fabric to the right or left to access your breast for feeding.
4. Side nursing access: Access nursing openings through the oversize armholes.
The advantage of Milk's nursing openings is that they are well-placed, and well-sized to enable you to latch on and nurse easily while remaining covered. Our nursing openings work well for nursing in a sling.
When you are breastfeeding while wearing Milk, it is likely that people will just think that your baby is sleeping in your arms.
How does Milk Nursingwear help me nurse in a sling?
If you wear your baby in a nursing sling Milk Nursingwear is ideal! The bottom half of your shirt stays put, and your baby nurses easily through the nursing openings. It is convenient and no one will know you are nursing but your baby will be very content to be nursing in the sling. The best nursing openings for breastfeeding in a nursing sling are empire openings and wrap style nursing openings. With these you can easily latch your baby on without too much repositioning. A nursling in a sling is calm and happy!
What if I need to nurse and I am not wearing nursingwear?
It may not be possible to wear nursing clothing everyday. A great solution is to carry a nursing cover in your diaper bag, and then you can nurse anywhere discreetly, without wearing a nursing top. If you are wearing a (non-nursing) dress and using a nursing cover, the dress needs to have buttons or some other opening at the top for access.
Milk Nursingwear offers a beautiful selection of nursing covers that are fashion statements! So you will look terrific nursing in our nursing cover ups. 
Another solution is to wear a nursing cami under your regular non-nursing clothing. In effect, a nursing cami converts your regular clothing into nursing clothing. A nursing cami is worn under your regular top, and when you are ready to nurse, the cami covers up your sides back and stomach, so you can nurse discreetly.
If you are not wearing nursing clothing, do not have a nursing cover, are not wearing a nursing cami, and do not have a belly band, nurse your baby with pride knowing that you are doing a great thing. It's all about your feeling comfortable with what you are doing.